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8 Things You Need to Know About Nasty C’s Upcoming Album ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’

Nasty C's third studio album Zulu Man With Some Power is on its way. Here's what you need to know about it.

Nasty Cis getting closer to releasing his third studio album titled Zulu Man With Some Power. The South African hip-hop superstar shared the title last year on the anniversary of his sophomore effort, Strings and Bling (2018).

The title was a result of Nasty C growing into himself and embracing his Zulu roots. He has said in various occasions how that shift will be felt in his music especially the upcoming album which was originally supposed to be released in 2019.

Now more than ever, Nasty C seems ready to unleash the project which is poised to be his biggest to date. Zulu Man With Some Power is one of the most anticipated albums in the (South) African music scene this year, and the emcee is excited about it. So are we, which is why we share eight facts about the project below.

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​It will be Executive-Produced by No I.D.

Nasty C revealed last year that his upcoming album will include songs produced by No I.D. and that the veteran hip-hop producer oversaw the production of the project.

"He mainly mentored me," Nasty C told OkayAfrica in an interview last year. "He unlocked something in me that other people were failing to get across to me, like, 'Sound more African.' Blah, blah, blah... He put it in the perfect words, and I understood it. And I implied it in my music. You'll hear it. When you hear it, it's crazy, it's going to drive you nuts."

​It was originally supposed to be an EP

The upcoming album was originally meant to be a four-track EP according to rapper, but he got carried away and decided to make it a full-length.

​It will highly-likely come with international features

A song with T.I. was confirmed last year, but we can't be sure it will make the cut. It highly likely will, as T.I. is one of Nasty's biggest inspirations alongside the likes of Lil Wayne, Eminem and Young Thug. Nasty C was also seen in studio with Big Sean alongside No I.D. last year. The Durban-born rapper has also been spotted with in studio in Nigeria and Japan with artists from those regions.

According to him, the album sounds "close to home"

Last year, in an interview with Slikour on Life, Nasty C revealed the direction he was taking sonically in crafting the upcoming project. "The music I'm making now, it's crazy," Nasty C told Slikour. "I was in L.A. for about a month working with No I.D. on a project. And the types of songs you are gonna hear on that project are crazy. It's something you'd never expect from me. It will sound so close to home, some of the songs, it will sound so close to home, it will feel like they should be our gospel songs here in South Africa."

Nasty C had to shortlist 16 songs from 47 he recorded for the album

It's clearly been a busy few years for the emcee. He recently revealed he recorded 47 songs for Zulu Man With Some Power, and has finally cut down to 16 songs.

​It's split into four sections

Nasty C recently shared the structure of the album with his fans on social media. While Strings and Bling was divided into two parts, Zulu Man With Some Power will be split into four sections.

"Section one will give you goosebumps," says Nasty C, "sections two and three will be a fucking rollercoaster, you will shit yourself. Section four will make you proud—it will make you cry; it'll make you appreciate; it'll make you realize that Ivyson is not to be fucked with."

​Nasty C is involved in the production

Nasty C doesn't get a lot of credit as a producer—his rapping overshadows his work behind the boards which is just as potent. Last year, Nasty revealed the album would include a song he produced. Just like with most of his projects, Nasty C will contribute to the project as he is always hands on in the production process. He always co-produces several songs in his projects.

According to him, his rapping has gotten better

And we believe him. Nasty C is one of the best out, and he gets better with every successive release. "The project on its own," said the rapper last year, "sonically, is on another level. Even just in the way I perform on every single song and the energy around it."

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